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This is Saumu Empire

From a small scale farmer to a chain famer and to a company saumu empire started from a small scale famer to a company we are today

We are a modern farming and Consultation Company limited that deals with buying and selling of agricultural products and services for the last six years. We are situated in Nyeri County at Kiawara shopping center along Nyeri Nyahururu highway.

We offer different services like online project monitoring through ROBi app, provide land for lease, agribusiness training and also offer agronomy and veterinary services country wide.

ROBi app is a platform where agronomist/ veterinary officers, farmers, managers and buyers are brought together on a business project .With ROBi, project monitoring becomes easier and convenient as you can get updates and manage your projects at the comfort of your home or office with your smart phone. With ROBi record keeping becomes easy as it can keep record for up to a hundred years and it also give you a platform where you can interact with other famers and share experiences.

On agri-business we offer training for individuals and groups from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the evening. Here you are tough on livestock production, crop production, different types of irrigation and their installation, and also enlightened on right seasons to plant and value addition.

Marketing is made easier with the use of a ROBi cart, here you can buy or sell far supplies or products at the comfort of your home or office. Here they are cheap dears as the products are from the manufacture direct, you also have a privilege of choosing from varieties. In this shop you order and it’s a vendor you have many advantages to enjoy as middle men have been eliminated and you can sell anywhere without geographical restrictions.

On the extension services, we have a team of professional and experienced agronomist who were advice you on best way of farm. The agronomist will walk with you throughout the period from land preparation, manure application, planting, and advice you on the right chemicals to apply and when is the right time. On the side of   livestock health we have professional and experienced veterinary who help in; Treating sick and injured animals, Prophylactic treatment to prevent problems in occurring in future and advice accordingly on insemination and animal feeding.

We have worked with several farmers through contact farming and they are testifying their experiences on our products and service. “I have been doing garlic farming since 2014.I started with quarter an acre and now I do three acres of garlic plus I have network of famers who I have trained from my experience.

Garlic farming changed my standards of living from street hooking vegetables where I used to earn ksh 6000 per month or less to 350,000 per month and sometimes more”. Says Mr. Stanley gichuki one of our famers.

“I started garlic farming back in march 2018 after I herd of Saumu Empire and paid them a visit, they trained me on how to grow it and sold me   100 kilograms of germinated garlic seeds that I planted half an acre. I got some good yield which gave me a good profit. From that time up to date I have been producing garlic continuously. It’s a good and profitable crop to grow as the market is readily available” says Mr. Ruben another famer who have used our products and services.

Our mission is empowering famers through educating them on modern farming techniques with information technology to effectively increase food production and cub food insecurity in Africa and improve livelihood by profitable farming

We value Our Clients at Saumu Empire

Start your journey toward great agribusiness opportunities. We are always with you every step of the way

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