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Make Money by Selling Your Agricultural Experience

Did you know that you can make money just by selling your agricultural experience?. ROBi app is an online platform that gives you an opportunity to sell your successful project to new inexperienced famers. Regardless of what size your project is you can still put a penny in your pocket, all you need is to make it successful.

So many people are hungry for the right information about agricultural practices and to reach them, all you need is to detail your project well from land preparation, planting, chemical and fertilizer application up to harvesting ,detailing what was happening each day of your project in video or picture form with descriptions

The interesting bit is that you can invite as many famers as possible in you project for a limited time as agreed between you and the customer. Can you imagine inviting 50 farmers monthly? Think of a good and reliable source of income bearing in mind that there is no limitation of how many you can invite at a time. ROBi APP gives you financial freedom as well as a customer base in successful project completion.

New farmers are successfully completing their projects while referring from well detailed and successful projects with no prior farming experience. Every stage is detailed and gives you the freedom to go back and observe previous projects and learn from mistakes made allowing you to avoid losses that’s enabling you save time and increase profitability.

This is more of a symbiotic relationship because by selling your experience you make money and at the same time you help another person who might be stuck somewhere that way we will improve agricultural sector in Kenya and AFRICA at large which improves the livelihood.

I did the same in my project and I can tell you for fact it’s paying. Its two and a half months since I started selling my project experience and I have invited more than 120 farmers within that period at a cost of ksh.3000 per invite, this means within the two and a half months I have made ksh360, 000 and the project is half complete, this means before I completing the project I will have made some good figure. Come to think of it, you can even start making good money with your ongoing project. (I would also dare ask you uuulisikia wapi) where else can you get such a good deal?.

New famers have improved in their projects and are doing even more amazing than I would have ever thought by learning from my experience and am double sure that after their projects are complete and successful ,the production will be high and at the same time they will have much more better experience to earn from. I have some of their comments below.

“I never thought farming would be enjoyable by learning from someone’s experience it has been a great journey my garlic are at their second month and are very healthy and developing big bulbs. Thank for your experience you are such a help to many hope to join you soon in selling mine too “says MR Newton Mugo.

If I can make it why not you? Why not also earn from something you did some time back just buy detailing you daily activities and when you are detailing you are also keeping records for your farm.

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