Frequently asked questions by our customers concerning chamomile

  1. What are the climatic conditions that favors chamomile
  • Chamomile being a flower it can grow in any climate condition like any other flower.
  1. How to plant chamomile?
  1. How long does it take to mature?
  • It takes two months to mature one in nursery and the other in the shamba then you start to harvest.
  1. For how long do you harvest?
  • For harvesting it takes two and a half months while harvesting every week.
  1. Is chamomile affected by pest and diseases? How to control pest and diseases on chamomile­?
  • Chamomile being a flower it is not heavily affected by any disease or pest.
  • Chamomile is occasionally affected by aphids and caterpillars.
  • Control is either by use of repellent or bio control.
  1. How to go about marketing?
  • We buy chamomile from farmers who specifically bought the chamomile seeds from our office at a thousand shillings while they are dry.
  1. Do we offer contract to our farmers?
  • We offer chamomile farming contract to ensure market and farming guidance.
  1. How one can get access to the seeds if from afar place?
  • We do send as a parcel through public transport means (matatus) to the destination.
  1. How many grams do one need in a certain area?
  • One acre=80grams
  • Half acre=40grams
  • Quarter acre=20 gram
  1. Quantity of the production per area?
  • One acre= 300 kgs
  • Half acre=150 kgs
  • Quarter=75 kgs