Agriculture is a large world industry practice which employs more than 1 billion people and generates over 1.3 trillion worth annually. when its sustainable and managed well it can helps to protect water shed, improve soil health and good quality of water.
Humankind is facing many challenges and crisis today due to climate change, the changes of climate cause disaster and food security worsening day by day in different region. The food sector provides live hoods for millions of people living in rural and urban areas, these people suffer from starvation, poverty and hunger, according to expert its about 1 billion people go to bed hungry. In fact agriculture occupies nearly 40% earth surface.
Climate changes have affected agriculture sector, high percentage of farmers have been experiencing this challenge in the past as the changes of rain coming earlier or late than before this cause draughts. according to the rate of production it is very low compared to the high rate of population growth ,almost 500 people dies a day due to drinking dirty water.
Global warming is another topic concern in the decades, the average of environmental temperature over the past in year 1990’s has shown that the temperature increases in the atmosphere cause skin diseases and death. however global warming makes lands grow dryer and dryer and farmers being forced to conserve enough water.
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