One of the significant hurdles faced by Kenyan farmers has been the lack of direct market access, often leading to price exploitation by middlemen. Farming apps are disrupting this traditional supply chain by connecting farmers directly with buyers, processors, and exporters. With the increasing number of mobile users and the latest technological advancement, Kenya has witnessed a remarkable transformation in agricultural sector. Farming apps foster a sense of community among farmers, allowing them to share experiences, challenges, and solutions.

Saumu Empire have come up with different platforms where agronomist & veterinary officers, farmers, managers and buyers are brought together on a business project through the ROBi app and ROBi cart.

With ROBi app, project monitoring becomes easier and advantageous as one can get updates and manage projects on a smart phone at your convenience. ROBi app also helps one keep records of the project for a long time unlike books that are easily disposable.

One user of the app gives his sentiments and how it has made work expedient. As Duncan Mwangi said ‘ROBi app is

. It is user friendly and makes it easy to keep track of my farming project.’

With ROBi cart, this online shopping platform is where you can buy a wide variety of farm products. These include vegetables, cereals, farm inputs, seeds and farm machinery. There are benefits that come with using this platform for purchase of goods as it is convenient, cheap deal prices and efficiency.

Farming apps have emerged as a game-changer in Kenya’s agricultural landscape. By providing vital information, enhancing agricultural techniques, facilitating access to credit and markets, and promoting knowledge sharing, these apps empower farmers to become more resilient, productive, and financially secure. As technology continues to advance, the potential for farming apps to transform agriculture and improve livelihoods in Kenya is limitless. As a nation, embracing and supporting these innovations will be crucial in ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future for Kenyan farmers.

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