With most people migrating to the urban areas the connection with nature starts to deteriorate as the environs change. Some urbanizes have however sort to reconnect with nature and delve into art of agriculture by utilizing available spaces such as rooftops, balconies, small yards, community gardens, or even indoor spaces like windowsills or small containers a practice termed urban farming.

Garlic in one of the most difficult crop to plant indoors than outdoors if the goal is mature bulbs. However, if one has a sunny location for at least six hours a day planting garlic in the apartment is perfectly suitable. If you want to develop full garlic bulbs, plant just one clove in each container and place it in the sunny location but if you are growing garlic just for the greens, it won’t need quite as much sunlight.

Garlic can grow indoor all year long as long the temperatures are not freezing. The soil needs to remain moist but not wet as excessive moisture can lead to rot.

Choose a good variety that is well-suited for urban growing conditions. Some varieties, such as softneck garlic, tend to perform better in milder climates and are more adaptable to container gardening. Choose pots with good drainage holes and a depth of at least 6-8 inches to accommodate garlic root growth.

Well-draining soil with added organic matter is essential to provide nutrients to the garlic plants. One should consider using organic fertilizers for better soil health.

Monitor the garlic plant for pests and diseases and promptly address any issue by use of organic pest control methods. Wait until the shoots get a couple of inches tall before you start snipping them with scissors to use the greens for cooking. Leave about 1 inch of the green shoot on each clove so the shoot will continue to grow. Once the leaves have turned yellow and started to dry it is time for harvest, allow the harvested bulbs to cure in a warm, dry and well ventilated area before storage.

Urban garlic farming is a rewarding and accessible way for city dwellers to connect with nature, produce their own food, and promote sustainable living practices. With proper care and attention, urban farmers can enjoy a good harvest of flavorful and aromatic garlic bulbs, right at their doorstep.

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