Saumu Empire is a modern farming and consultancy company that has been dealing with buying and selling agricultural products and services that specializes in providing innovative solutions in various domains, including garlic farming, land for sale and lease, agribusiness training, agronomist and veterinary services, ROBi App and ROBi Services. The company was officially registered in 2016 initially starting with Garlic Up to the year 2019 where chamomile tea was initiated. The company has rapidly expanded its operations and made a mark in the local and regional market.

Vision Statement

“Our Vision is to have a food secure Africa with a strong and stable economic background based on modern agriculture.”

Branches and Operations

Saumu Empire operates through several branches strategically located around the country, each focusing on specific aspects of technology and serving diverse markets and client needs.



1. Kiawara, Nyeri Kenya  

The Nyeri headquarters serves as the nerve center for the company’s operations in Kenya. It houses executive management, research and development, and core administrative functions.

2. Kajiado, Kajiado County

We have expanded our reach and opened another branch at Kajiado to serve our customers at ease.

Future Expansion

Saumu Empire continues to explore opportunities for growth and expansion, with plans to establish additional branches in emerging markets and strategic locations countrywide. The company is committed to driving technological advancements, fostering sustainability, and meeting the evolving needs of its diverse clientele locally and globally.