Processing of garlic into different value-added products would reduce the post-harvest losses and reduce the bulk and transportation cost. Different value-added products from garlic are minimally processed products, dehydrated flakes, powder, pickle, oil, paste and many more.

Garlic is sort for culinary product and also for medicinal purposes thus the need to fully utilize this product and avoid losses.

Below are some of the products you can get from garlic.

1.Minimally Processed Products

Though garlic is regularly used in the kitchen, peeling and cutting is time taking and cumbersome. Minimally processed garlic is prepared by peeling and cutting which retains its freshness. This can be done either manually or mechanically. Availability of minimally processed garlic for ready to use purposes obviates peeling and cutting before food preparation there by reducing overall cooking time.

Peeled garlic is convenient however the major visible quality changes are sprouting. Rooting and discoloration apart from the invisible nutritional quality change.

The storage life after peeling depends type of variety, length of storage and storage conditions of the bulbs. Modified atmosphere packaging is one of the techniques to increase the shelf life of minimally processed garlic also freezing is recommended.

2.Dehydrated Flakes

Dehydration decreases water activity, reduces microbiological activity, minimizes physical and chemical changes during storage and extends shelf life of the material. Garlic is semi-perishable crop, dehydration in to flakes would decrease bulk to store and transport.

Flakes are prepared by peeling, cutting, pre-treating and drying using different drying techniques such as solar, vacuum oven, microwave, freeze drying and other more ways. Selection of proper drying technique helps maintain quality and get profit.


Powder cab be prepared by grinding dehydrated flakes. The powder dissolves easily and offers convenience in baked products like pizza, bread and soup, also in spicing up different grilled products. High quality garlic powder is used in medicinal purposes. Proper packaging is required to avoid moisture absorption.


Paste can be prepared by peeling and grinding, as it contains high moisture, proper packaging and storage conditions are required to store for longer duration without microbial spoilage.  Addition of preservatives can be followed to store it longer.


Garlic contain very small quantity of oil. This can be extracted by solvent extraction method or super critical fluid extraction process. Oil is used as a flavoring agent, preservative and as medicine.


An age old practice to preserve vegetables is by means process called pickling. Pickling of garlic can be done in two ways; vinegar based pickling and oil based pickling with spices. Oil based pickle can be prepared as other pickles by adding desirable spice. Addition of pH regulators is important to keep pH below 4 which is important to store for longer duration without microbial growth.

Other Products

Black garlic is one product that is prepared by aging whole garlic at high temperature and in high humidity causing the garlic to turn black because of browning compounds. It doesn’t contain the strong off-flavor like fresh garlic and contains nutritional properties.