In agriculture and landscaping, understanding and managing soil moisture levels are crucial for optimal plant growth and resource utilization. Automaji-Bot System addresses this need by employing sensors to measure the moisture content in the soil, providing valuable data for efficient irrigation and crop management.

This system is automated to water plants when the moisture level is below optimum. It sends Short Message Service to users when the moisture level is low.

Components of the System

1.Soil Moisture Sensors

The core of the system consists of soil moisture sensors strategically placed in the soil near the plant’s roots. These sensors employ technology to measure the moisture content accurately.

2.Microcontroller Unit (MCU)

A microcontroller unit acts as the brain of the system. It receives data from the soil moisture sensors and processes it to determine the current moisture level in the soil. Once that data has been relayed a water pump/valve delivers water to the plant.


To enable real-time monitoring and remote access, the system can be integrated to an electric gate valves to automatically open and close the watering system in the farm or alert the farmer to water the plants manually. This allows users to access the data from the soil moisture sensors with or without a mobile phone.

4.Power Supply

The system can be powered by various sources, such as electricity or solar panels, ensuring continuous operation in remote or off-grid locations.

5.Data Analysis

The collected data is relayed via SMS to the user, allowing one to analyze trends and make informed decisions about soil moisture content and irrigation schedule.


1.Real-time Monitoring

Users can monitor the soil moisture levels in real-time. This information helps them make timely decisions about irrigation, preventing both overwatering and under watering. 

2.Customizable Alerts

The system can be programmed to send alerts to users when the soil moisture levels fall below or exceed a specified threshold. This feature enables proactive management and intervention. The system uses Short Message Service (SMS).

Notification is received via a deep beeping sound by the farmer once the moisture level in the soil is almost at a critical level.

3.Historical Data Analysis

The received data via SMS allows users to analyze historical trends, helping them understand the soil moisture patterns over time. This information aids in adjusting irrigation schedules and optimizing resource usage.


1.Water Conservation

By providing accurate information about soil moisture levels, the system promotes water conservation by preventing unnecessary irrigation and minimizing water wastage.

2.Increased Crop Yield

Optimal soil moisture levels contribute to improved plant health and increased crop yield. The system facilitates precision agriculture practices, ensuring that crops receive the right amount of water at the right time.

3.Efficient Resource Management

The ability to analyze historical data and receive real-time alerts empowers users to manage resources more efficiently, reducing costs and environmental impact.

Automaji-Bot System offers a sustainable and efficient solution for agriculture and landscaping. By leveraging sensor technology and smart data analysis, this system promotes water conservation, enhances crop yield, and facilitates more informed and precise decision-making in soil management practices.