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We offer a wide range of services to meet our customers needs. We are dedicated to providing the best services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our prime plots are suitable for immediate residential settlement, commercial purposes or futuristic capital gain. The plots have reliable water source, electricity, all-weather road and are close to social amenities.

We have different size of land in different parts of Kenya with reliable water for irrigation to help you grow different crops throughout the year.

We offer agribusiness training for both groups and individuals. The trainings happen both online and on location at our farms.

ROBi app is a platform where agronomists/veterinary officers, farmers, managers, and buyers are brought together on a business project. With ROBi, project monitoring becomes easier and more convenient as you can get updates and manage your projects in the comfort of your home or office with your smartphone.

We have a team of professional agronomists who will walk with you through the journey from land preparation , irrigation installation, planting till harvesting. We also have animal production services.

ROBi cart is an online shopping platform where you can buy or sell your produce at the comfort of your home or office and they get delivered to you at a fair price any time.


This is a garlic trading platform where investors can purchase fresh garlic for market or garlic cloves for planting and Saumu Empire will do all the trading for you.
Garlic bulbs
The garlic will be purchased from farmers, we will do curing until the product is ready for market, then make the sale. The waiting time for profit maturity is at most 90 days.
In this option, an investor will purchase a certain number of garlic cloves e.g. 10,000 cloves at a set buying price e.g. Ksh 10/clove and the expected return will be Ksh 15/clove. The garlic cloves will be taken for planting with the help of a well-experienced agronomist. A project will be created on ROBi App where all the activities taking place on the farm will be uploaded, and the investor is invited into the project to track the process. Our garlic takes 4 months from planting to maturity and an extra month for curing. The agronomist will help in crop management, this is from planting to harvesting of the garlic crop.

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At SaumuEmpire we committed to helping our customers achieve their targets and reach their goals. In addition there are several other reasons why we are the right choice for you.

Quality and Genuine products

We sell quality and genuine products at a fair price.

Satisfactory customer service and products

We offer satisfactory customer service and products.

Delivery of products and services

We ensure delivery of products and services in good time.

Project Follow Up

We don’t just sell you seeds we do follow up your project from planting to harvesting through extension services and with the help of ROBi app.

Market for your produce

We provide a market for your produce.

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Garlic Farmer

I started garlic farming back in march 2018 after I heard of Saumu Empire and paid them a visit, they trained me on how to grow it and later bought 100 kilograms of germinated garlic seeds that I planted on half an acre. I got some good yields which gave me good profit. From that time up to date I have been producing garlic continuously. It’s a good and profitable crop to grow as the market is readily available.


Mr. Reuben

Satisfied Farmer

I have been doing garlic farming since 2014.I started with a quarter of an acre and now I do three acres of garlic plus I have network of famers who I have trained from my experience. Garlic farming changed my standards of living from street hawking vegetables where I used to earn ksh 6000 per month or less but now am earning 350,000 per month and sometimes more after realizing that am good in garlic farming, I joined chamomile farming and now I have an experience of two years. Today am doing garlic and chamomile production.

Mr. Stanley Gichuki

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