Our Services

Our goal is to provide quality services that satisfy our customers needs. We also ensure that the services and products are delivered to our customers on time.

Land Leasing

We have different sizes of land in different parts of Kenya with reliable water for irrigation to help you grow different crops throughout the year. We provide lands for lease with: Well drained soil to support growth of different crops. Reliable water source for irrigation to help you grow different types of crops throughout the year.

Land For Sale

Do you have a dream of owning land / home? Saumu Empire got you covered. We are a one stop shop offering plots investment solution for you. Our prime plots are suitable for immediate residential settlement, commercial purposes or futuristic capital gain. The plots have reliable water source, electricity, all-weather road and are close to social amenities. We have prime plots in different parts of Nyeri and Laikipia county .As we think of you getting value in our properties, we have also made them very affordable hence you can find a project from as little as ksh250,000.

Agribusiness Training

We offer agribusiness training for both groups and individuals. The trainings happen both online and on location at our farms in kiawara from Monday to Saturday from 8:00am to 5:00 pm. Here you are taught on crops and livestock product and also on different types of irrigation installation through agribusiness tours. You are also taught on right seasons to plant and value addition too.

Agronomist & Veterinary Services

We have a team of professional and experienced agronomist who advice you on best way to farm. The agronomist will walk with you throughout the period from land preparation, manure application, planting, and advice you on the right chemicals to apply and when is the right time to apply and harvest. On the side of livestock health we have professional and experienced veterinary who help in; Treating sick and injured animals. Prophylactic treatment to prevent problems in occurring in future. Advice accordingly on insemination and animal feeding.

Robi App

ROBi app is a platform where agronomist/ veterinary officers, farmers, managers and buyers are brought together on a business project. With ROBi, project monitoring becomes easier and convenient as you can get updates and manage your projects at the comfort of your home or office with your smart phone. ROBi will also help you keep records of your project for a long time unlike books that can get lost or destroyed. It also give you a platform where you can get to interact with other famers and share experiences.

Robi Cart

ROBi cart is an online shopping platform where you can buy a wide variety of farm products. These include vegetables, cereals. You can also order for farm inputs, seeds and farm machinery. Shopping with ROBI cart has many benefits like: -It is convenient as you can comfortably shop any time even at the middle of the night when you are on your pajamas. -Cheap deals and better prices as the products are direct from the manufacture without middle men - There are varieties to choose from - No crowds while shopping even in festive seasons -You only purchase and it’s delivered to you at the comfort of your home or office As a vendor you will also have many benefits selling your products here like: -You sell your products anywhere in the world as there are no geographical restrictions. -You don’t have to invest more of your time.